If you are looking for an experienced, trusted partner who will work with you to design an employee benefits program or find an insurance plan that is user-friendly, affordable, and meets all your needs, you’ve come to the right place.


The Employee Benefits Advisors Group has been bringing smart health benefits solutions to small and mid-size employers, sole proprietors and individuals of all ages for over 15 years. Today our practice is focused on simplifying the complex world of health care – whether we’re helping a small business owner support the health and well being of her staff, a young family starting out, or a senior who is retiring decide if long-term care insurance is right for him. 

We help employers look like heroes. 

We understand that benefits decisions and financial decisions often go hand in hand. That’s why the Employee Benefits Advisors Group offers healthcare benefit solutions that fit with both your business needs and your budget. We help reduce the burden of keeping up with compliance and ever-changing regulations, and work with you to help ensure that your employees feel confident about the decisions they make when it comes to their health care.


Along with our affiliated specialists, we are recognized experts in the fields of employee benefits, retirement programs, financial planning, risk management, human resources, accounting and employment law. We keep current with the latest changes in plans, tax rules and regulations.

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Prices for healthcare have grown faster than prices in the general economy

Healthcare price growth

We make shopping and applying for health insurance as easy as possible.

From the Marketplace to Commercial Coverage to Medicare, our goal is to use our expertise and experience to guide you in exploring health care options and choosing the right coverage for your life and your budget. And our commitment to exceptional service means you get the answers you’re looking for from advisors you know and trust. With the Employee Benefits Advisors Group, you get the plan you need today – and a partner who will continue to advocate for your health care tomorrow.


Patti Goldfarb is the Founder and Owner of the Employee Benefits Advisors Group. She is also a Certified Senior Advisor working in the areas of Medicare, and long-term care insurance.


Patti’s philosophy is that no one should ever buy something they don’t understand, buy more than is necessary or buy from someone they are not comfortable with. She and her team focus on understanding all aspects of a client’s situation, educating them about available options and helping them decide what’s best for them.  


Earlier in her career, Patti trained hundreds of agents to prospect and sell health insurance and long-term care insurance as President of Creative Benefit Solutions, a consulting firm for the largest MassMutual agency in the United States. She also founded the New York State Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters.


Since the passage of health care reform, Patti has been featured on CNBC, published numerous articles and spoken at many seminars to help employers understand the legislation and how to stay compliant. She has addressed organizations such as the American Society for Aging, the National Association of Health Underwriters, Pace University, New Jersey Business and Industry Association, and the New York Women’s Bar Association about issues such as “The Myths and Realities of Long-Term Care”; “Long-Term Care Insurance Design and Planning”; “How to Shop for Health Insurance”; and “What Employers Need to Know About Health Care Reform”.