elderly couple on park bench


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if aging came with an instruction manual?


Unfortunately, there are no clear guidelines when it comes to figuring out your insurance options as you age. Seniors often find the process of choosing health care coverage confusing and frustrating, and many of them lack a thorough understanding of the need to plan for long term care.


At the Employee Benefits Advisors Group, we have 30+ years of experience helping seniors enjoy their retirement and live healthy, happy lives. Before we make a single recommendation, we spend time getting to know your specific needs when it comes to your health and well being. We then help you understand the various types of insurance and policies, what each policy covers and does not cover, and the possible pros and cons.


We are also sensitive to your desire to leave a legacy to your loved ones. As seniors age, they often struggle to afford soaring health care costs – just as their income is shrinking. We know the importance of working within strict budget guidelines, helping you choose medical coverage and long term care options designed to minimize out-of-pocket expenses and maximize your savings.

Our commitment to exceptional service means you will get unbiased answers to all of your questions from advisors you know and trust.


Whether you are in the early stages of planning for retirement or nearing age 65 and exploring Medicare options, the Employee Benefits Advisors Group offers the support you need to feel confident about choosing the protection you need – now and in future. Contact us with questions about:


  • Leaving traditional health insurance and moving to Medicare can be a confusing experience for many seniors. We understand the system and work with clients to explore available options and select the ideal combination of benefits.


  • Long Term Care: People are living longer than ever, but the majority of those over age 65 are likely to need long term care. We educate clients about long term care planning solutions and empower them to make informed decisions.